Albinism And Vitiligo

Albinism is a disease which effects the overall skin pigmentation of a body. People are usually born with Albinism. This is a type of genetic disorder which prevents the skin from making a healthy amount of melanin also known as pigment or skin colour. Albinism causes loss of skin pigmentation to such an extreme that carriers of this disease usually have little or no colour on there overall body. Even the area around eyes and hair are affected. On the other hand, Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes loss of pigmentation in patches on certain areas of the body over a period of time. People effected by this disease develope it as they grow older, however, they are not born with this affliction. Almost all types of albinism effects pigmentation in the eyes which leads to other types of vision problems, which are not easily correctable with spectacles. Albinism makes a person more prone to sun related health ailments.

The low immunity experienced by albino patients makes it easier for other diseases to attack the body whick makes Albino patients more susceptible to illnesses, however, Albinism by itself does not cause mortality. In the case of Vitiligo, there are no other health issues related to this disease. It only causes discolouration and sometimes it effects the eyes. There are some similarities between Albinism and Vitiligoat which may cause a layperson to confuse one with the other. The diseases also share a link in genetic inheritance. However, both the diseases are inherently different in nature. There is one large similiraity between the people afflicted with Albinism and Vitiligoat that is the state of their mental condition. Signs of lack of confidence and depression are exhibited by both sets of patients. As both of these diseases display there effects visually, the carriers of these ailments are plagued with a sense of sensitivity when it comes to their physical appearence. Vitiligoat effects approxamately one percent of the population. On the other hand, Albinism occurs more frequently, approxamately 1 in every 2000 births sufferes from this disease. Albinism is a bicochemical disorder, whereas, Vitiligoat is an autoimmune disorder.





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