Prevention Of Vitiligo

Skin explains your health. No matter what color skin contains, but if it’s healthy, you’re healthy too. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is made up of many layers. Besides, protecting body organs, maintaining the temperature balance and releasing out the toxins in the form of sweat, skin also reflects the general health of the individual. Though people crave for fair skin but they are unaware of a bitter reality i.e. fair color skin is more prone to skin diseases. One such skin disorder is Vitiligo which is developed when melanocytes stop producing coloring pigment.

As such Vitiligo is hardly a disease of medical significance and is identified as dry, unhealthy, patchy, and discolored skin. Individuals with Vitiligo usually do not have any complaints like itching or pain, a social stigma is attached to it though. But, don’t let people run your life, put that social stigma behind the bars and be yourself. Believe us it’s all about YOU! Michael Jackson, a Vitiligo sufferer, believes so, do you?
The exact cause of Vitiligo is still not known to the medical world. But, stress, general low immunity level and hormonal connection are thought as precipitating factors for this ailment. The occurrence of Vitiligo about 28% is hereditary, 30% is worms infested and 42 % is stress related. Vitiligo patch may develop as a small pale/white colored milky patch which may increase in varying size and shapes. Patches appear with well defined edges because of peripheral hyperchromia. Vitiligo marks may develop anywhere on the body but the commonest sites are on cheeks, around lips, back around the eyes, hands, fingers, chest and bilaterally distributed on legs.
Most of the times individuals get scared upon seeing any white patch on the body and fear it to be Vitiligo. Beware of the fact that any and every white patch is not of Vitiligo and may develop because of liver disorders, taenia infection, worms, calcium deficiency or even Leprosy. Also notable is the fact that as such patients of Vitiligo do not have any problem or symptoms like pain, itching etc. Whatsoever, the patient still seeks prevention of Vitiligo for cosmetic reasons.
Vitiligo is a non communicable disease. Prevention of Vitiligo may include:

  • Any patch should be thoroughly examined first
  • Maintain good general health and immunity
  • Application of any unproven tropical medication on skin should be avoided
  • Avoid excess consumption of sour things
  • Use of synthetic clothes should be restricted &
  • Avoid Steroids.

Fair-skinned individuals should avoid tanning of normal skin. Make-up and self-tanning compounds with dihydroxyacetone, and dyes help temporarily conceal the pale marks of vitiligo. For the prevention of vitiligo, you can choose a dye from covermark, walnut stain, dermablend or vita dye. Normal pigment can be achieved with corticosteroids or re-pigmentation therapy. In re-pigmentation therapy, a patient is given both oral drugs and chemical treatment.

As for prevention of Vitiligo, there are certain precautions which can delay or stop the onset of the disorder. However, for the last couple of decades people are more inclined towards herbal remedies for Vitiligo primarily for two reasons:

  • It has little or no side effects &
  • Clinically proven herbal remedies are sure to produce results

Let us proudly introduce our herbal remedy, Cure Vitiligo Oil, for the prevention of Vitiligo. Scientifically proven, Cure Vitiligo Oil is the most effective product to defeat Vitiligo and stand out with its 100% pure herbal ingredients. Our product contains Black Cumin, Psoralea Corylifolia, Coconut Oil, and Barberry Root, making it the most effective treatment for your Vitiligo. If you’re disappointed with the results of your current Vitiligo treatment, we suggest ‘Bury your older products into Soil and Use our Cure Vitiligo Oil!



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