Autologous Cell Suspension Vitiligo

A cutting edge break through for the treatment of Vitiligo was published in Journal Watch Dermatology on October 27, 2004. This treatment offered a new ray of hope to the people afflicted with vitiligo. It is a known fact that common measures for treating vitiligo patients are restricted to eliminating or hiding the white patches that appear as a result of this disease. It also takes a long time for the treatment to work fully. However, this new treatment offers a more efficient solution. A study was conducted in India which concentrated on the treatment of segmented vitiligo and focal vitiligo using cell suspension with melanocytes and Keratenocytes cell transplantation. Autologous melanocytes and keratinocytes were transplanted into the lesions caused by segmental vitiligo and focal vitiligo with a more than fifty percent success rate. Forty nine of these test subjects comprised of segmental vitiligo and 25 cases focal vitiligo. After the transplantation the test subjects were then observed for a period of five years and in more than fifty percent the loss of pigmentation did not re occur in the treated lesions. It is published that eighty four percent of segmental vitiligo and seventy three percent of focal vitiligo treatment was successful. This treatment gained acclaim from the medical community because its success rate is much more higher than the normal vitiligo treatments offered. UV photo therapy is not very successful with patients suffering from segmental and focal vitiligo. Transplantation of cultured melanocytes is another type of treatment offered to these patients, but unlike autologous cell suspension, this method is very complicated. This research is relatively new and its sucess rate is high, however, it is required that this treatment shold be carried out in a sophisticated lab. A hospital with such a lab will be ideal for such a treatment. A good lab is neccessary because the process for the isolation of cell suspension is very complex and if it is not done correctly then the chances of this treatment working are next to zero. As fas as cutting edge research is concerned this study from India is considered top notch. It is new and offers a more concrete solution to treating segmental and focal vitilgo as compared to other methodes.





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