B12 Folic Vitiligo

Researchers know that vitiligo patients suffer from a vitamin B12 and folic acid defciency which compounds the problem and makes the disease more resistant to cures. Juhlin L and Olsson MJ were mongst the first people to publish a research based on the favourable effects of these two components on vitiligo. Juhlin L and Olsson MJ belong to the department of dermatology in University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden. Their reasearch made its debut in Acta Derm Venereol in 1997. However, due to the unscientific perimeters taken where no controls were established and the researchers themselves were not blinded the integrity of their published report is not without blemish. For the sake of this study, hundered people suffering from vitiligo were selected. There ages ranged from nine to seventy nine. This group was administered 5mg tablets of folic acid and 1mg tablets of vitamin b 12 twice a day on a daily basis for three months. UVB exposurer was also made part of the regime for a whole year. After a year it was noted that out of the hundered patients, fifty two had shown signs of partial to complete recoverey. A major element to take into account was the fact that the younger patients showed more favourable results as compared to the older one. These younger patients also had a shorter history of vitiligo. The repigmentation was observed to have occurredin areas exposed to the sunlight. Suufice to say that it was concluded that the combination of vitmain b 12, folic acid and UVB exposure together offered some measure of success in the treatmet of vitilgo. This study provided a new ray of hope to the people suffering from vitiligo. However, the success of the treatment can not be attributed solely to the administration of vitamin b 12 and floic acid alone as UVB exposure played an important role in the process as well. It is already known that UVB exposure is helpful in the treatment of vitiligo to some degree. It is also a fact that at the baseline the patients reported normal levels of vitamin b 12 and folic acid levels. More controlled studies need to be conducted in order to determin the success of this treatent in patients.





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