Does it really work?

The question 'does anti-vitiligo really work' is apparently a very simple question, but a very difficult to answer. This question depicts the pain and suffering that a patient has gone through in the search of relief, and it hints at the distrust regarding medicines being sold on line. Both are valid. There is so much sub-standard material for sale on the net, that it becomes vitually impossible to sift the right product out of the garbage. But there are currently no effective means to rectify such malpractices. With this background in mind, it becomes very difficult to give you reasons for believing us. We can assure you about the genuineness of this product but assurance is generally not enough. We can only tell you that the reorder rate for this product currently exceeds 45%. That however does not mean that it shall work in every user.

This is because the complex mechanisms of human body involved in disease generation are still not fully understood even to the modern scientists. We know a lot but we do not know a lot more. Then there are biological differences among individuals, races and regions which may have a bearing on the disease and its progress.

We can hence predict the benefits of a remedy, on statistical basis only. There will always be people who will not respond to a remedy that has been rated at the top in research studies.
The same is true for AntiVitiligo. There is a high probability that you will benefit.

Will it cure my vitiligo?

As regards Cure in vitiligo, Different people use the term »Cure« in different context. Some use this term for complete eradication of illness from the body, while others are concerned only with repigmentation of the existing spots.

If you mean complete eradication of the disease from you system, that is a tricky matter. Vitiligo results from a derangement of your normal defense mechanisms against infection. The body starts producing antibodies against pigment producing cells of its own skin. No definite causes are known, but inheritance has a role. This is a generalized abnormality of your immune system, and there are currently no acceptable permanent means to halt this process

The damage to pigment producing cells manifests as patches of skin which have reduced or no pigment. This is what bothers you, and this is where AntiVitiligo Oil works. It currently has the highest rate of success in this regard, and re-orders rate for this product is now exceeding 45%. Once the pigment has been restored locally, it stays there. There have been no reports of local loss of pigment after successful treatment.

How Anti-Vitiligo works?

All herbal remedies derive ther testimony from the history of their success and safety in hundards of generations over thousands of years (This is usually enough for most people because they generally chose this option only when they have had no luck with the prescription medicine).

It is still virtually impossible to offer scientific explanations for the mechanism of action of any herbal remedy for any purpose. The day such mechanisms are understood with certainity, the remedy shall start being rated as a scientific product in conformity with scientific principles of modern medicine, as has happened with opium and digitalis.

Is it some thing Tatooing for Vitiligo

Tatooning is used as a camouflage technique, but it is done with artificial pigments which are injected into the skin. The accuracy of color match shall depend upon the skill of the person doing it. There are risks of serious infetions spreading through tatooing as well due to the general uncleanliness of the process.

Anti-Vitiligo on the other hand brings back your natural skin color.

Can it be used to treat vitiligo in small children and pregnent women.

The product has not been specifically studied for safety in pregnancy and in children less than 5 years. Patients hwever have used it during pregnacy and also in children as small as 3 years. Majority of them have benefited and none of them has suffered any deleterious effect.

Since the treatment of vitiligo can hardly be considered an emergency, we do not reccommend its use in these high risk individuals. You may use it at your own risk if you like.

Can I Use Sun exposure/ UV with Anti-Vitiligo?

All local medicines used for re-pigmentation in vitiligo are basically photo sensitizers which differ in potency and in safety. Sunlight/UV light will obviously increase the response, but an occasional patient may show an exaggerated response even to the gentlest medication and get a skin reaction in the form of sunburns.

It is recommended hence that you start using UV/Sunlight for a very short time in the beginning on a limited area, and if the response is favorable you can gradually increase the exposure.

Can i use sunblocks or makeup on the area under treatment.

All local medicine used for re-pigmentation of vitiligo/ hypo-pigmentation, including Anti-Vitiligo will need some degree of sun exposure for their success (direct or indirect). It is hence preferred that you do not use camouflage or sun blocks to allow adequate exposure to sunlight.

Is it babchi oil?

This statement is partiealy true. It certainly contains babachi, but it contributes less than 8% (w/w) of the formulation.

Babachi is a time tested remedy for the treatment of vitiligo. But has its own problems. Very few of the people can tollarate it dispite being benefited. The challange hence in using babachi is not the success but is the acceptibility. Anti-Vitiligo has successfully addressed this issue, that what makes it different from babachi alone and other alternate medicines fo vitiligo.

What is leucoderma?

leucoderma is a synonym for vitiligo presently being used this utterance mostly in some countries of south East Asia such as India, Sri Lanka and in the countries around them.

Has UV lihgt any role in vitiligo treatment?

UVB and UVA are used in the treatment of Vitiligo as well as many other skin disorders. Both can however cause skin burns and local reaction, but many believe UVB to be a potential hazard for skin cancer. See complete article on uvb light.

Q: Is an authentic website? 

A: Hi, yes this website is very much authentic. It is run by real people. We provide LiveSupport in case you have questions. You can talk to our professionals at LiveSupport to ask questions. Furthermore you can drop your queries and get your satisfactory replies. We not only market for CureVitiligoOil, our product that claims to replenish the suppleness and naturalness of your skin and free it of Vitiligo patches in a quick manner, but we also are participating in creating awareness for Vitiligo. 

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