Usage and Instructions

Clean the affected area with plain water and towel it dry. Now apply the oil on the affected skin and gently massage it with your finger tips till is absorbed into the skin.

Application of Anti-Vitiligo is to be carried out every 24 hours (conveniently before retiring to bed) through out the entire period of treatment. The oil should not be washed earlier than 6 hours for optimal advantage. The duration can be extended up to but not more than 12 hours. If the oil has to be washed earlier than 6 hours for any pressing reason, the patient can switch to a twice daily schedule.

While using Anti-Vitiligo, punctuality and regularity is mandatory. The treatment should be applied at the same hour of the day, and duration of application should not vary significantly.

Anti-Vitiligo™ goes thick at temperatures below 15C/59F but resumes normal consistency by warming in hot water. It is more appropriate to store the oil at 20-30C/68-86F; Anti-Vitiligo should be used only when it is fluid and should be shaken well before application.


The sun exposure should be increased gradually starting from a few minutes initially. We recommend that people with highly sensitive skin or previous history of allergic propensity should apply the treatment on cosmetically less important small area for a few days before they start using on face and hands. Direct sun light is best avoided in such individuals.

Anti-Vitiligo is a refinement of a traditional recipe and it is traditionally recommended that you should avoid consuming highly antigenic material like fish, meat and eggs.

Consolidation of treatment

Once the normal complexion of affected parts has been restored, it is highly desirable that the treatment should continue for an additional period of 45-60 days. This consolidation phase of the treatment is required because the initial recovery may not be as complete as it seems. There may still be tiny unhealed areas of disease.

Side effects

No incidence of local or generalized side effect has yet been reported except rare complaints of short lived irritation/rash in individual with hyper-sensitive skin. That can be easily managed by making the following adjustments.

1) Dilute the oil:
Anti-Vitiligo can be diluted using coconut oil, in the ratio of 3:1. That means 1 part of pure coconut oil to 3 parts of Anti-Vitiligo™. If the irritation persists despite this measure, further dilution can be attempted with a similar quantity of pure coconut oil. This may be regarded as the maximum possible dilution.

2) Reduce total time of application:
If the dilution strategy fails to control the irritation, the duration of daily application of Anti-Vitiligo™ can also be reduced. There has been success by starting the treatment with a 3 hours application everyday. This duration is then gradually increased to 6 hours over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. This may slowly desensitize the skin.

3) Reduce the frequency of application:
An other option is to decrease the frequency of application. This may be used alone or in combination of afore mentioned measures. The frequency is halved in the beginning and gradually brought back to standard schedule.

4) if the irritation can not be controlled with the above measures:
It is preferable to discontinue the treatment. Expert help may be sought if necessary.



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