Vitiligo Disease

Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition that supports loss of coloring, resulting in uneven pale patches of skin. Research states that it is a detailed type of leukoderma manifested characteristically by dipegmentation of epidermis. Clinically, it is distinguished by white macules on the skin that can be few or numerous. It has been proved as a state whereby the immune system is activated to react against and attack the body's own tissues and may happen next to other diseases such as thyroid disease or pernicious anemia. The customary category of vitiligo is called 'Vitiligo Vulgaris' also known as common vitiligo. Alternative types include linear, segmental, trachoma and inflammatory vitiligo.

The factual cause of vitiligo is still argued. The condition is principally more obvious externally in individuals with darker skin types. The clear-cut cause of vitiligo is complex and not known yet. There is evidence that suggest it is caused by an amalgamation of auto-immune, genetic, and environmental factors. But, it has not been proved worldwide. Several people consider having a link between sunburn and vitiligo. A current hypothesis put forward the cause that vitiligo occurs because people develop antibodies that are harmful to the unique cells which produce melanin in the body.

Q: Is Vitiligo a dangerous and lethal disease? Is the rumor true that Vitiligo causes death?

A: Vitiligo is a disease that is often times mixed or confused with Leprosy which is characterized by the presence of itchy skin lesions which are infectious and contagious. Contrary to the popular belief, Vitiligo is not Leprosy. Leprosy is caused by a bacterium whereas the exact cause of Vitiligo is still unknown to science. Leprosy, if untreated, can lead to the permanent damage to skin, nerves, eyes and limbs. Vitiligo, if untreated, does not lead to any dire consequences. In fact, Vitiligo is the most benign of all the skin diseases. It causes patient no discomfort, the patches do not itch, and they are not contagious. Vitiligo is, in no way, lethal. A patient suffering from Vitiligo needs to fear nothing for if he leaves his condition untreated, he would have no death threat. Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder which, unlike other chronic diseases such s Diabetes mellitus, Cancer, does not trouble a patient and no medicine ingestion is necessary. 


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