Vitiligo Patches

Science has been unsuccessful to identify the exact cause of Vitiligo patches. However, significant amount of work is being carried out to know what exactly causes this autoimmune disease. A person may develop vitiligo patches when his immune system starts destroying the melanocytes in the skin. A group of researchers think that the melanocytes destroy themselves, while others think that a single event such as sunburn or emotional distress can cause Vitiligo.
There is no way to determine if vitiligo will spread. Vitiligo Patches may stop completely after the first patch, but often these patches do spread. In some patients, the white patches do not spread or may take years to develop. But for some people, Vitiligo spreads quickly and the large areas can be covered in months. If you or anyone in your family has fallen prey to Vitiligo, try our home-made medically proven remedy, CureVitiligo Oil. The herbal ingredients in this product are extremely effective for retaining skin's natural pigmentation.

Recent researches have shown that Vitiligo patches are only curable with herbs while other treatments including sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation and external applications only provide temporary relief. You may like to go for allopathic treatment as it is associated with side effects like liver damage, skin allergy, nausea, cataract and other eye problems. Our well- selected herbal remedy, CureVitiligo Oil is without any side effects. It not only helps treat white skin patches and other pale areas on the skin, but also moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin.

Those who have used CureVitiligo Oil know what it feels like after recovering from Vitiligo. So those who haven't used it as yet, should try atleast once. We recommend, try CureVitiligo Oil. Since it's all about YOU so face the world with more confidence!

Vitiligo Patches usually exist on face, neck, limbs, belly, waist, and back. Vitiligo Patches destroy your personality that is why you feel abashment in your friends. So if you want absolution from vitiligo Patches you should use cure vitilgo oil because it has no side effect and it is totally herbal treatment.

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Q: I am looking for a satisfactory cure of Vitiligo patches. Is there any quick way to camouflage the patches since the treatment, I have heard, is slow and takes months?

A: Although Allopathic system of treatment does not claim to cure Vitiligo completely yet there is a possibility to reverse the depigmentation with a number of available therapies, a few of which can be cumbersome and expensive. With CureVitiligoOil we offer you a quick, permanent, side effect free and early onset repigmentation of skin. However supposing you have to ready yourself for tonight's special occasion, there is one quick way to camouflage the white patches of Vitiligo. Solution given below is an easy way. Make up can camouflage the Vitiligo patches if they are present on cheeks, eye lids or any other part of face or neck. Applying the foundation equally can give skin a smooth appearance. However this remedy is mostly applicable for women. Tattooing can be used as an effective camouflage technique by both men and women if the patches are localized to a certain part of body e.g. hands, feet, arms etc. It doesn't come under the definition of traditional therapy for Vitiligo patches yet it can come handy given the patches are not widespread. In tattooing artificial pigment is injected into the skin using surgical needles. Tattooing should be carried out by certified professionals as it involves serious risks of infections.

Q: For how long has Coconut oil been used for treating Vitiligo? What is its medicinal value?

A: Coconut oil has been used in medicines for a very long time now. Ever since its medicinal value was found out, it was started to be incorporated in concoctions and other formulations for topical applications. Coconut oil was also found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 BC. Ancient Chinese medical practitioners seemed to be aware of its medicinal value as well. Coconut oil is said to be the best oil available for skin. It is a fixed oil; it does not evaporate from skin. It is an ingredient of most of the lotions, creams. It prevents the moisture from evaporating from skin and acts as a soothing agent. It smoothes skin, it prevents aging of skin, makes it supple and rich, wards wrinkles off. It is also used to reduce hair fall and as a hair lubricant. Its role as a skin protectant can be attributed to its anti oxidant properties. The free radical reaction that starts in our skin with age damages connective tissues in our skin and skin loses its tightness. Free radical reaction is a chain reaction, it starts and produces more free radicals. Anti oxidants are the products that stop skin’s free radical reactions. Anti oxidants are the constituent of food we eat. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Blended with Barberry root, Black cumin and Psoralea coryfolia in CureVitiligOil, it serves as an anti-oxidant for skin. 

Q: What are melanocytes? How are they involved in the disease called Vitiligo? If Vitiligo is not treatable, there must be a cure to treat Vitiligo patches, I hope?

A: Melanocytes are Melanin producing cells. They are naturally present in last layer of epidermis, meninges, bones, heart and inner layer of eye, ear. A mm2 area of skin contains about 1000 – 2000 melanocytes. They produce Melanin which is a coloured pigment determining the normal colouration of skin. The difference between white and black/brown people cannot be related to the number of melanocytes. It is rather the level of activity of Melanocytes that is responsible for the light or dark colouration of skin. The level of activity in turn depends upon the body’s hormonal activity. Vitiligo is a rare disease; it is a skin disorder which affects 1 – 2 % of the world’s population. Little is known about Vitiligo as of yet. Several theories have been proposed by science but nothing can be said with certainty about it. Melanocytes are in every way involved with the disease called Vitiligo. In Vitiligo, melanocytes are either destroyed or rendered dysfunctional by a number of disorders namely auto-immune diseases, stress and genetic disorder etc. As a result of which melanin is not produced in that particular part of the body and white patches appear. These white patches spread with time. Since no exact cause is yet known for Vitiligo, the main focus of Vitiligo treatment, therefore, is the treatment of Vitiligo patches. Patient can choose any of the available therapies; Topical steroidal Therapy, Homeopathic Therapy, Ayurvedic Therapy, Herbal Therapy, Surgical Therapy. 

Q: Is there any cure of Vitiligo?

A: It seems natural for Vitiligo patients to desire to get rid of their patches. Some of the patients get a complex and they avoid socializing with friends, family as they become sensitive to people’s remarks and jibes. Although it is not their fault they have Vitiligo or any other disease for that matter, people seldom realize how inhuman and unethical it is to dredge someone’s weaknesses up. If you have a Vitiligo patient at home, you must not make him feel guilty about it. Eating or sharing food with Vitiligo patient does not make one to catch Vitiligo as it is not contagious. In Medicinal science there is no absolute cure for Vitiligo however there are a number of treatments available that treat the characteristic white patches of Vitiligo. Mentioned hereunder are the following treatments:
A. Herbal remedies:
1. CureVitiligoOil
2 Oral Psoralen Therapy
B. Homeopathy
C. Ayurvedic Therapy
D. Surgical Therapy:
1. Autologous Skin grafts
2. Skin grafts using blisters
3. Autologous melanocyte transplant
E. Ultraviolet Treatment
F. Camouflaging techniques
1. Tattooing
2. Cosmetics




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