Additional Therapies

Other than medical and surgical therapies available for the chronic skin disorder of Vitiligo, there are many steps you can take on your own to protect your skin, minimize the appearance of white patches caused by Vitiligo, and cope with the emotional aspects of this skin disease.

Some of the most common ways include:

• Use of Sunscreens: People suffering from Vitiligo, particularly those with fair skin, should avoid sun exposure and use a sunscreen that provides protection from both UVA and ultraviolet B light. Tanning makes the contrast between normal and depigmented skin more visible. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from sunburn and long-term damage.

• Use of Cosmetics: Some patients with Vitiligo cover depigmented patches with stains, makeup, or self-tanning lotions. These cosmetic products can be particularly effective for people whose Vitiligo is limited to exposed areas of the body. Many cosmetic companies offer makeup or dyes that you may find helpful for covering up depigmented patches. Self-tanning lotions have an advantage over makeup in that the color will last for several days and will not come off with washing.

• Join Counseling and Support Groups: Many people with Vitiligo find it helpful to get counseling from a mental health professional. People often find they can talk to their counselor about issues that are difficult to discuss with anyone else. A mental health counselor can also offer support and help in coping with Vitiligo. In addition, it may be helpful to attend a Vitiligo support group.

All the above mentioned self care methods can prove to be really helpful for people who have Vitiligo. None of the these precautionary methods are dangerous, nor do they have any side effects.





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