Black Pepper

Recent research studies by British researchers show that black pepper can lead to better treatments for a disfiguring skin condition, called Vitiligo, which affects about 1-2% of the world’s population. It has been studied that piperine (the compound that gives black pepper its spicy, pungent flavor) present in the extract of black pepper is able to produce the pigmentation in the skin. Thus, the researchers have concluded that black pepper can prove to be really beneficial for people with Vitiligo.

The chronic skin disorder of Vitiligo destroys the pigment or color making cells in the skin, called melanocytes, and may also affect the mucous membranes (such as the tissue inside the mouth and nose) and the eye. As a result, smooth, milky white or light pink patches in the middle of normally pigmented skin appear. The hair may also turn white/grey that grows in areas affected by Vitiligo and on the scalp.

The studies, conducted by the medical scientists’ team of the King College London show that the piperine effects become important to improve when merged with ultraviolet phototherapy as happens in PUVA. The scientists’ team seems much hopeful and positive about the finding and they have firm belief that it would be a revolutionary discovery that has the potential to change the scientific scene for Vitiligo.

There are many piperine based products available as a food additive in the market today but none are used for skin applications. No studies have been conducted on how the body reacts on the long term to piperine.





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