Skin Tone Manipulation

A person who has Vitiligo is likely to develop smooth, milky white or light pink patches of skin on different parts of his/her body. The hair may also turn white/grey that grows in areas affected by Vitiligo. This happens as this chronic skin condition destroys the pigment making cells, called melanocytes, in the skin, as well as the tissues, known as the mucous membranes that line the inside of the mouth, nose, genital and rectal areas, and the retina of the eyes.

Our skin and hair develop color because of the melanin that is made by the melanocytes. In the past, it was almost impossible to regain the color of your hair or skin by any means; however, recent studies show that the melanocytes behavior is modifiable through the manipulation of keratinocytes. A research was done on bioengineered skin grafts where the tone of the skin turned to resembling the natural tone and color of the potential recipients that lessen the appearance of scarring.

These kinds of bioengineered skin grafts make the revolutionary changes in the cosmetic results of conditions that need to have skin grafting such as severe burns, scleroderma, epidermis bullosa, diabetes, and venous leg ulcers. As per the senior researcher Raymond Boissy, the life quality in pigmentary sicknesses such as the ones – Vitiligo and Melasma could enhance with the use of this technique as well.

The most prominent result of this study is that the melanocytes conduct is controllable by the keratinocytes. The scientists from the Tokyo Medical University and University of Cincinnati did this research on skin tone manipulation, and came to a conclusion that it may lead to a Vitiligo cure, along with many other skin disorders as such.





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