Things Like Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease due to which white or light pink patches appear on the affected area of the personís body. It may also cause the hair on the affected areas to turn grey or white as well. Vitiligo occurs when melanocytes that are responsible for making pigment in the skin, die or are unable to perform their function. This is a common skin disorder that has affected 1-2% of the people from all around the world. Though, it can be confused with many other skin conditions, such as pigmentation, white scars and hypopigmentation, and more.

There are two main types of Vitiligo patterns, including segmental and non-segmental (generalized). Non-segmental Vitiligo pattern is more common in people, and it typically affects the areas surrounding body openings, fingers, toes, and bony areas. This type of Vitiligo can occur at any age, whereas segmental Vitiligo pattern is more prevalent in adolescents.

Vitiligo has some confusion with other diseases like Nevus Depigmentosus, Pityriases Alba, White Scars and Hypopigmentation, Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis and Pigmentation.

Nevus depigmentosus is a stable disease which is limited to a small area. It appears in the form of white spots on body. It increases with the growth of body. The main cause of this disease is the irregularity in the function of melanocytes which produce little pigments.

Pityriases Alba is also a skin disease which is frequently present in children. It mostly comes into views in dry weather and the people having dry skin. It generally appears as dry scales, pale patches on the face. Pityriases Alba can be treated by moisturizing cream. Normally, boys are affected by this disease. It takes place due to activity of melanocytes abnormally low.

White Scars and Hypopigmentation is another skin disease that causes scars appear due to injury. Scars may be white or colored; it depends on type of injury. Scars can be a result of physical, chemical or inflammatory as acne. Melanocytes may destroy or damage due to injury.

Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis usually occurs in women. It appears in the form of round shape on skin. Parts of body having exposure of sun light, experience idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis like face, forearms, shoulders. Protection from the sun is very important in this disease. It is commonly observed in people having fair complexion.

Pigmentation is a phenomenon of coloring. Pigment means color. In biological term it means ďa material that give color to the cells of human beings, animals and plantsíí. It determines the color of eyes, hair and skin. Many conditions can change the level of pigment. Sometimes level of pigments increases due to excessive tanning and pregnancy known as hyper pigmentation. Sometimes level of pigment decreases known as hypopigmentation due to Vitiligo, leprosy, albinism and many others.





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