UVB (Ultravoilet B) and PUVA (Psoralin with Ultra Violet A) are the two most commonly used medical therapies for the treatment of Vitiligo. Both UVB and PUVA are very popular forms of photo therapy for Vitiligo, having their own potential for successful re-pigmentation. According to a study published in Journal Watch Dermatology June 1, 2007, the effects of UVB PUVA were compared in a randomized double blind trial. The results demonstrated that improvement was more rapid, extensive and cosmetically more acceptable with narrow band UVB than with PUVA. Thus, Narrowband UVB is now considered the gold standard of treatment for Vitiligo, whereas, in the past, PUVA was considered the gold standard of treatment for Vitiligo.

Percentage of area showing improvement was 20% in the PUVA group, and 50% in UVB. Color of the re-pigmented skin also matched better with the native skin color in UVB group than the PUVA treated group. The authors have concluded that Narrowband UVB is a safe and effective method of treatment in Vitiligo patients.

The PUVA system, which involved the use of Ultra Violet A light exposure and the taking of Psoralen pills, had various side effects, which turned out to be unbearable for many people. Narrow Band UVB light panels and cabinets solve the problems of over-exposure to ultraviolet by maximizing delivery of narrow-band UVB radiation (in the 311-312 nanometer range, the most beneficial component of natural sunlight) while minimizing exposure to superfluous UV radiation.

This allows patients to receive photo-therapy treatments with less risk of severe burning or pathogenic exposure to UV in harmful ranges. (It also avoids the adverse side effects of the psoralens used in conventional PUVA therapy, since UVB treatment requires no supplemental drugs.) These benefits have made Narrow Band UVB systems increasingly popular with vitiligo patients and their doctors.





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