What Treatment Options Are Available For Vitiligo?

There are several myths about Vitiligo. One very popular myth out of these is that treatment of Vitiligo is ‘impossible.’ However, this is clearly not true and the majority of patients can achieve good results from various treatments available today. The main goal to treat this chronic skin disease is to improve one’s appearance by covering the depigmented spots on the body caused by Vitiligo. A number of medical, surgical and adjunctive therapies are available nowadays. Therapy for Vitiligo takes a long time—it usually must be continued for 6 to 18 months. The choice of therapy depends on the number of white patches; their location, sizes, and how widespread they are; and what you prefer in terms of treatment. Each patient responds differently to therapy, and a particular treatment may not work for everyone.

Medical Therapy Options:

Most of the medical therapies are applied topically, and can help reduce the appearance of Vitiligo. Some of the most commonly used are Topical Steroid Therapy, Psoralen Photochemotherapy ((PUVA) therapy, which is probably the most effective treatment for Vitiligo available in the United States and can be done either orally, called the Oral Psoralen photochemotherapy, or topically, the Topical Psoralen Photochemotherapy), and Depigmentation.

Surgical Therapy Options:

All surgical therapies must be considered only after proper medical therapy is provided. Surgical techniques are time consuming and expensive. They are appropriate only for carefully selected patients who have Vitiligo that has been stable for at least 3 years. Some of the most common surgical therapies include, Autologous Skin Grafts, Skin Grafts using Blisters, Micropigmentation (tattooing), and Autologous Melanocyte Transplants

. Other than the medical and surgical therapies, there are many things you can do on your own to protect your skin and minimize the appearance of white patches, and cope with the emotional aspects of Vitiligo, such as use sunscreens, cosmetics, and even join counseling and support groups.

In addition, one of the most reliable ways considered to treat Vitiligo in the current times is through the application of herbal oil on the areas affected by Vitiligo. We offer the best help oil to cure your Vitiligo – the CURE VITILIGO OIL. Nothing is better than the natural treatment, as there are no side effects and it is definitely much cheaper than the other therapy options available.





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